If you own a continental vehicle, a higher standard of care is what your car requires. That is what Century Continental (MF) offers: high-performing, maintenance-free auto battery for continental vehicles, specifically engineered for more power and endurance to put your mind at ease
  • MAINTENANCE-FREE – No more worries about adding water
  • HIGH VIBRATION RESISTANCE – Optimal separator thickness and improved container cell design to provide snug fit of elements for more robustness from vibration.
  • FLAME ARRESTORS – Protect against possible explosions due to sparks outside the battery by minimising gas venting
  • IMPROVED CORROSION RESISTANCE – Improved grid alloy to improve grid corrosion resistance and improved plates and formation processes to minimize grid corrosion.
  • DURABLE BATERY CASE – Built to increase resistance to sudden movements and withstand impact
  • BUILT-IN HANDLES – Conveniently placed to help move or transport battery safely and with ease