Introducing the largest battery outlet network in Malaysia


The past 20 years has seen AutoPower steadily grew by each year ensuring customer’s experience its absolute priority. From today, we will do our best not to leave any drivers unrescued if they can ever reach us¬†anytime, anywhere, hassle-free!

Available through multiple touchpoints, customers can reach via our website, Whatsapp, social media or even walk-in straight to our branches across Malaysia.

One of the largest

Operating in the largest network in the country with extensive support from us means that you will have less risk and low capital expenditures

Marketing & Training Supports

You don't just open your store and wait. We will also provide you with support for marketing and other training as well

Essential Business

Categorize as Essential Business, it is one of the most suitable business to venture in since it need to be fully operated regardless of the situation


AutoPower program

Half a million customers, and counting...

"AutoPower Stock Point" Program is a tried and tested business model to provide entrepreneurial opportunities for aspiring entrepreneurs and like-minded Malaysians.

"AutoPower Stock Point" plays the role of carrying out local marketing effort and at the same time providing employment opportunities to the locals through the "AutoPower Stock Point" program. Today, is growing across all key economic regions including Southern, Northern, Central and the East coast.

What are the criteria that we look for in our AUTORESCUE Riders?

What are the criteria?

Honesty and integrity

The pillars of our requirement. You are the very essence of any hero. Our AUTORESCUE Rider are required to serve with honesty and integrity

Passionate for business

The ``AutoPower Stock Point`` is a business. You run it, you are the spear of passionate for the business and making the right business mindset in order to succeed

Malaysian citizen

The ``AutoPower Stock Point`` Program welcomes all Malaysian only for the moment

Valid business registration

To join the ``AutoPower Stock Point`` Program, you need to have a valid business registered with SSM

Ready to join?